Do you enjoy being a companion?

​Absolutely. I enjoy, among other things, the freedom, the thrill, the luxury, the travel, the unbridled attention, and the memories.

Are you fully independent?

I am 100% independent , so when you contact me, you’re really emailing me

I am thinking of booking a dinner date – what type of food do you enjoy?

I am an avid eater and enjoy all culinary delights, however, my top favourites would be Japanese, French and Spanish

Do you see first-time couples?

Yes! I love seeing couples and facilitating their sexual exploration. The focus can be on the female or the male (or both) during sessions.

Do you provide natural services?

No. Please understand that I  provide  safe experiences and  I am regularly screened for all STD/STI’s. I enjoy safe sex only and to help enjoy and make the most of that I carry a complete range of condoms.

Are your rates negotiable?

No, please do not ask for a discounted rate as it is disrespectful to my standards.

Do you offer incalls?

My service is outcall only. Please do not request incalls as your email may not be responded to and incalls are illegal in VIC.

What makes you stand out from other escorts in Melbourne?

Escorting is a pathway to pleasure for me and I am not dependent on it for my livelihood. My personality,interests and kinks are all of my own.

May we meet for a coffee/drink beforehand?

​Sure. I find the best dates start with a little socialising over a drink. However, my rates remain the same.

What type of man do you like meeting?

I enjoy seeing refined and interesting gentlemen that are seeking an experience with a confident woman. Looks, occupation, age and experience are irrelevant to me. A respectful attitude is most important. As well as a good sense of humour. After-all, laughter and sex are the two best experiences.

What type of man do you not like meeting?

I do not enjoy seeing men that are too intoxicated or heavily affected by drugs.  A large turn-off is time wasting, disorganisation and constant rescheduling, vague queries and tentative bookings and poor hygiene.

Do you see <insert race> ?

​I am happy to see respectful and kind people of all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. I am sorry any prior experiences you may have had led you to ask this question.

What will you wear to our meeting?

I enjoy keeping classy in my day to day attire.  I have an extensive wardrobe consisting of designer dresses through to my favourite pair of jeans. I have a large, extensive wardrobe so please feel free to request a special outfit.  I will never arrive to a hotel or be seen in public in overally revealing clothing that would arouse suspicions and am very discrete.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?


How would you describe your personality?

I have been described as a confident, intelligent woman with high ambition but a very sweet, nurturing personality.  I am always exploring new ideas and attempting to improve myself; whether it be in the pursuit of knowledge or training my body to new limits.

Do you have an age limit?

My clients are on average between 30 and 60 years of age, however, as long as you’re a respectful individual – age is not at all a factor.

Why haven’t you responded to my email yet?

If I have not responded within 36 hours I am probably swept up with my studies, have not received your contact for some reason or your initial email was offensive or asked for a bareback service.  I do try my best to respond to all emails I receive, but if I haven’t replied, and your initial contact was respectful and clear, please send me a quick follow up email.

Can I speak to you on the phone beforehand?

At the moment I do not give out my phone number to new clients due to an overwhelming level of queries. Once you have seen me or have secured a booking, I’m happy to provide a phone number to contact me for future bookings.

Do you do doubles with other ladies?

I have some lovely doubles partners. Please let me know if this is what you would like to experience and we can choose a compatible companion for the session.

Can you organise a hotel for our date?

Sadly, no. Organisation of the room for our date is your responsiblity as Victorian law disallows incalls, I also cannot book a hotel on your behalf.

My personal favourites in Melbourne include:  The Windsor Hotel, Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and The Park Hyatt.

Do you accept credit cards/digital payment?

Unfortunately I do not accept credit cards. If obtaining the required amount of cash discreetly is difficult we can discuss alternatives. I accept Beemit for deposits and payment.