Alaska’s 8 Tips for travelling with a paid companion

Holidays are the perfect time to be decadent and to spoil oneself. If you’re off on a beachside adventure, visiting a winter wonderland or on a long business trip, I am here to be your delectable companion. I prefer a tailored approach to these types of rendezvous, so please drop me a line with your intended travel dates, destination and what type of activities you were looking to do and I’ll happily suggest a few packages.

You’ve decided to go for the next level when it comes to escorts – the 24/7 travel companion. After travelling globally with clients, I have decided to share some tips in ensuring that your, and her time, is the best possible. It can be daunting spending 24/7 with someone you may have only spent 1 or 2 hours with at a single time. Everyone has their own creature comforts, habits and desire for space and it’s important to establish this early on.

  1.    Compatibility: Always make sure you’re planning on travelling with someone you have at least met once. Of course, longstanding regulars will always end up being the best choice, but if time for a 2-3 hour booking doesn’t permit, I suggest at least sharing conversation over a meal. It’s a good time to establish if your personalities will click and whether her online presence matches her real life persona. If booking an escort that is too far away to meet, a phone call is the next best thing for establishing a connection.
  2.    Space: How much space do you need – a universe? A planet? An office cubicle? It is implied that you won’t spend 24 hours a day in each other’s pockets (or…ahem) and it’s good to give an indication on the level of solitude you would like during the trip. It is worthwhile asking her about space during the initial email contact since some girls may stipulate that they require at least 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep. It’s good to reach out and to establish this early on.
  3.    Activities: While I adore spending time holed up in a hotel room, lavishing each other with affection – it is also nice to get outside to enjoy the other sights. It’s a good idea to suggest a couple of activities to entertain between throwing the bedsheets. If you’re into extreme sports, such as skydiving, it may be good to find an escort who also has these types of interests. On the other hand, if you prefer to listen to 6 hours of theatre productions – then you probably want someone more like myself who adores theatre, music and film.
  4.    Money: Never an entirely comfortable subject to raise, but an important one. Money should be discussed up front to remove any awkward lingering thoughts that may run through both of your heads instead of just enjoying the moment.
  5.    Discretion: How much of it do you desire or need? Is it OK to be seen arm-on-arm, parading around bars, or would you prefer a more subdued, under the cover of darkness approach? Depending on how high-profile you are, you may prefer someone who can blend in as a “co-worker” or you may prefer to turn heads with the bombshell on your arm. It’s good to establish how “loud” you want to appear in public and discuss this beforehand. A backstory is also a good idea in case you run into colleagues or family.
  6.    Outfits: What outfits should she bring along? Are you heading to a film screening, a beachside town or snow lodge? Do you have a particular penchant for a lingerie colour? Let her know these things so she can pack her bag full of outfits that will please your eyes and suit the setting.
  7.    Meals: It’s an unspoken rule that during these longer bookings, you will cover her meal as well as your own. Consider this as an extra cost to keep in mind and plan a special meal for the first and final nights to cement the memories. Then it’s up to you to devour her for dessert.
  8.    Exit strategy: Even if you’ve followed the above tips, sometimes life gets in the way or external forces may cause you to call it a day. Be open about this, and discuss this with your companion. Sadly, sometimes bookings are non-refundable but usually something can be worked out if the approach is friendly and open.

If you’re a jet-setting businessman on a business trip, with days spent at the office or sitting in meetings, I would love to be your soothing respite at the end of a long day. Kick off your shoes and allow my hands to work the tension out of your shoulders, all the way down to your toes.  Email me for more information.

Fly me to you.

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