How to book an escort in Melbourne, Australia

Time and time again I’m left with dead enquiries due to the client not being able to provide a venue and since I reside in Melbourne, I cannot offer an incall legally. Touring in Sydney, Perth, Brisvegas is no problem – I can accommodate clients in my hotel room and while away the dead hours by exploring an unknown city – one of my favourite things.

So how do clients, who aren’t from interstate and are from my lovely home town, see Melbourne escorts? With great difficulty and planning! I have made a quick guide on the best way to book a Melbourne escort.

First, you have to find an escort and or a couple if the first one is busy/interstate/on her monthlies. Then you write to her via the method she has specified. Has she requested for SMS only communication? Don’t ring her while she is in class, among friends who don’t know she sells her twat by evening. This is quite often overlooked by clients but please, please abide by the lady’s conditions and she will repay you in spades. Whatever the means of communication, let her know the date and time you would like to get down and dirty with her. A few options is always nice as it is rare that the stars align.

Once you have worked out that she is available, let her know that you will be booking a hotel room. Pro-tip: Look for hotels that don’t require lift passes. This eradicates the awkward standing in the lobby while every porter and front desk employee stares at her. It also eliminates the issue of yourself approaching women in lobbies and offending them when mistaking them for escorts. Not that they should be offended – we are delightful and beautiful creatures.

Book the hotel (this bit is easy) and you can often find cheap hotels on 4-5 stars is recommended  and avoid hostels…not that I should really have the mention that anyway. Once the hotel is booked, let the lovely lady know that you are ready to go.

As a courtesy, it’s always a good idea to confirm 24 hours in advance – especially if you made the booking weeks or months ago!

On the day, make sure you are fresh and clean before she arrives. Then the fun begins.

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